Now that we are confined indefinitely, one of the simple things we miss is enjoying a freshly served meal at a nice restaurant with friends and family. Takeout and delivery is good sometimes, but it’s just not the same! While we don’t know when exactly this stay at home order will end, we do know you don’t have to be Gordon Ramsay to be able to whip up delicious and healthy gourmet meals while at home. Here are some easy recipes and the best olive oil and balsamic vinegar pairings that complement them:

  1. Let’s start easy: elevate your bread by dipping it in our 18 yo Balsamic Vinegar paired with Biancolilla Olive Oil. This works well with ciabatta or focaccia, but any good bread will do. Add more color and texture to your dining table by serving the dipping sauce in our hand-painted dipping bowls as well. 
  2. Another quick way to turn your run-of-the-mill crackers, grilled chicken breast, or salmon into something fancy: dip or top them with this mango cucumber salsa paired with our Primo Persian Lime Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Primo Serrano Honey Vinegar.
  3. For your main dish, try our serrano chicken stir fry recipe with Primo Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Primo Serrano Honey Vinegar. For some heat, you can substitute the Primo Garlic EVOO with the Harissa EVOO.
  4. Another easy main dish you can try that requires very few ingredients is our pork chops in balsamic cherry sauce recipe with the Primo Cobrancosa Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Black Cherry Balsamic Vinegar
  5. Since we have more time in our hands these days, why not try making your own grilled pizza? Making your own pizza can be healthier as you can control exactly what goes into it. Pair the pizza with the Primo Aged Natural Fig Balsamic Vinegar and Basil Olive Oil.

Eating healthy and the process of cooking itself can be therapeutic, especially during stressful times like the present. Apart from our line of oils and vinegars, Primo now carries more organic pantry selections to help make eating healthy easier. Our wide range of hand-made organic pasta (you will love the colorful Bell Pepper Trio pasta!), compotes, honeys, olives, and more are now available in the pantry section of Primo Oils online shop.

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