October marked our ten-year anniversary and we are so grateful to everyone who has supported us on your journey along the way. Our goal for our anniversary month was to raise enough to donate two award-winning M-100 ChlorineGenerators to WaterStep, a wonderful organization that responds to critical needs for safe water by evaluating and implementing solutions and teaching people to use those tools. We donated 10% of our gross sales for the month and you showed up and helped us achieve our goal! 

To celebrate ten years, we looked into what your top 10 favorite Primo Products have been over the years and want to share them here with you. Here’s what we found: 

1. Tuscan Herb Olive Oil Tuscan Herb Olive Oil

Think of a beautiful valley of herbs in Tuscany, then add garlic & sun-dried tomatoes. Our organic Tuscan herb olive oil is a delicious blend of herbs, sun-dried tomatoes, and garlic-infused oil. You can use it on everything! You can also Sprinkle with the oil with grated Parmigiano Reggiano & freshly ground pepper for dipping your bread.


Use it for this Tomato and Olive Pizzette recipe. 


 18 Year Old Balsamic2. 18 Year Old Balsamic

This is Primo’s finest grade balsamic, imported from Modena, Italy.  It is aged using the Solera system in chestnut, oak, mulberry, and ash barrels.  This Balsamic is exceedingly rich, complex, and dense.



3. Garlic Olive Oil Garlic Olive Oil 

This olive oil gives off the flavor of slow-roasted garlic. Since garlic and olive oil are almost always used together in Mediterranean cooking, you can save some time and use this in just about anything.


Use it in this Grilled Romaine Salad recipe. 


Cranberry Pear Balsamic4. Cranberry Pear Balsamic 

This Balsamic is clean, crisp & tart. It boasts a gorgeous ruby-red color and has an amazingly fruity, complex bouquet that shines in a multitude of culinary applications.



5.  Sicilian Lemon White Vinegar

Add a playfully tart and pleasantly sweet flavor to your cooking. It has a perfectly balanced acidity and a crisp, lemon flavor and aroma.

6. Fig BalsamicFig Balsamic

Our Fig Balsamic is made in Modena, Italy with natural figs & 12 year Balsamic.  It is thick, ripe, and bursting with fig flavor.



7. Neapolitan Herb Balsamic Neapolitan Herb Balsamic Vinegar

Zesty and savory, our Neapolitan Herb dark balsamic has just the right amount of acidity to shine in a multitude of culinary applications.


Eureka Lemon Olive Oil

8. Eureka Lemon Olive Oil

Our Eureka Lemon olive oil is produced by pressing whole, fresh lemons together with late harvest olives at the time of crush. This allows the oils in the lemons’ rinds to fuse with the oil from the olives. The result is a light, zesty olive oil with a natural lemon flavor. Eureka Lemon olive oil is one of our most versatile flavors with many uses!



9. Peach White BalsamicPeach White Balsamic

This is a crisp vinegar with a touch of sweetness reminiscent of handcrafted vinegars from northern Italy.



Honey Ginger White Balsamic10. Honey Ginger Balsamic

Honey & ginger play well together & bring a gentle, spicy heat that balances perfectly with the moderate, natural acidity of our white balsamic vinegar.




Did your favorite olive oil or vinegar make the list? Let us know!

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